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DEPARTMENT OF English PROFILE Established : 1983


 “Knowledge of languages is the doorway to Wisdom-Roger Bacon”

English is one such language which when learned opens one more window through which people look at world. English language is among the leading languages in terms of its usage all over the world. It plays an important role in day–to-day communication, business, transactions, internet etc.

            English is used in many fields more than any other language. It is one of the most important global languages. Hence learning English languages increases chances of getting more opportunities to pursue higher studies and secure jobs both in India and abroad.

            Department of English plays a vital role in assisting all academic, administrative and extracurricular activities. All the lecturers who are trained by ELF trainers from Us State Council use those student centric methods for effective delivery of curriculum to make classes more interesting and interactive. Besides this the department of English conducts certificate courses to improve language and soft skills for all round development of students to face competitive exams and globalised job market.

Programmes Offered



Programme Name




History, Economics, Political Science

History, Economics, Computer Science

Economics, Political Science, Spl. Telugu

B Com

B Com Computer Applications

B Com General

B Com English Medium


B Sc

Maths, Physics, Chemistry ( TM)

Maths, Physics, Chemistry ( EM)  

Maths, Physics, Computer Science (EM)

Botony, Zoology, Chemistry(EM)

Botony, Zoology, Chemistry(TM)

Biotecnology, Botony, Chemistry(EM)

Microbiology, Botony, Chemistry(EM)

Programme wise Student Profile (Current year data)


Teaching posts and Non-Teaching Posts





Teaching posts



Teaching posts(Guest)



Programme wise Student – Teacher ratio


Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning


  • Class room teaching
  • Power point presentations
  • Class room Seminars
  • Group Discussions
  • Quiz programmes
  • Guest lecturers
  • Study projects
  • Brain storming method
  • Pair work Role play, JAM
  • You tube topics
  • Skits preparation & presentation
  • Extracting hidden talents i.e. Story telling,  Drama  writing
  • Motivation Classes(Classes with employed students)
  • Word Building
Details of Infrastructural Facilities


  •  Departmental  Library  consists of 200 Books (Reference Books)
  • 94 Reference Books From CCE  ELL Lab

SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans



  • Efficient & Experienced  Faculty with  doctoral degree



  • The socio-economic background of many of the students
  • Most of the students are from Rural Areas
  • Poor communication skills in English, the students are from Tamil mother tongue.



  • Improving enrolment
  • Improving the optimum usage of ICT in teaching learning
  • The starting of new Job-oriented  Certificate courses



  • Sustaining quality along with access
  • More placements
  • Generation of resources  for research facilities in the department

Future Plans


  • To start multidisciplinary job oriented Certificate courses
  • To  be conduct  national seminar