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DEPARTMENT OF Economics PROFILE Established : 1983



            The Economics Department at Govt. Degree College - Putturoffers Economics in BA Degree. The teaching methodology seeks to provide students with a strong theoretical foundationand to create a continuous interest and involvement with the real life applications of economics. Many of the students go on to do further studies, research and internships in fields related to economics and finance. Economics is of relevance to every individual. The Department also, conducts activities under the Economics Association to create interest and learning.

            Economics Department since its inception is well renowned for its emphasis on rigorous scholarship and real world relevance. Faculty, apart from teaching and pursuing research, also contribute in consultancy and training manpower to industry as well as the Government. The Department has been alert and alive to the changes in the macro- environment, and has been constantly updating the curriculum.

            The Department of Economics is committed to provide students with elective mix of pure practical, analytical as well as theoretical knowledge in the areas of Micro Economics, Macro Economics,  Industrial and Managerial Economics, Comparative Economic Policy issues, Money and Banking Systems, International Economics, Quantitative Analytical Methods, understanding Indian and International economy and its system etc.

            The Department provides a strong foundation in economic theories and principles but with a particular focus on examining their relevance to practical world. Students will be asked to analyse the economic environment and policies, to assess the impact of external factors. 

The Area of Research includes, Development Economics, Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, and Transport Economics etc. 


Through this program students will

  • Get exposure to an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the various fields of Economics

  • Develop awareness and skills in various spheres of Economics.

  • Demonstrate skills in collaborating effectively with other disciplines.

  • Develop the basic skills in students required to conduct and interpret research.

  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of professional identity and standards.


  • Analytical Reasoning Skills

  • Critical Thinking

  • Statistical Tools

  • Information and Communication Skills


Economic and Business Analyst,                                                                                               Research and Policy Analyst,

Financial Consultancy,                                                                                                                  Policy formulating Agencies,

Entrepreneurship,                                                                                                                          Civil Services,

Academics,                                                                                                                                         Banking,

Corporate/ Logistic/ FMCG Sector,                                                                                          Stock Market.

Programmes Offered


Programme Name




History – Economics – Pol. Science( TM)

History – economics – Computer Application (EM)

Economic – Pol. Science – Ad. Telugu. (TM)

Programme wise Student Profile (Current year data)


Teaching posts and Non-Teaching Posts




Teaching posts



Guest Faculty


Non-teaching (Store keeper)



Programme wise Student – Teacher ratio


Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning
  • Class room teaching

  • Power point presentations

  • Class Seminars

  • Group Discussions

  •  Quiz programmes

  • Guest lecturers

  • Study projects

Details of Infrastructural Facilities
  • Departmental  Library                                    :120  Books (Reference )

  • Internet facilities for Staff & Students.     :Available

  • ICT facility                                                             : 01 LCD projector

  • Laboratories                                                         :01 Labs.

  • Computer Lab

SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans


  • Qualified, motivated and Competent Faculty with a blend of high experience and young and energetic dynamism.

  •  Effective Teaching-Learning process. Practical oriented with special emphasis on learning with teachers as facilitators.

  • Well equipped library with sufficient number of books.

  •  Supporting weaker students through remedial & tutorial classes

  • Good infrastructure

  • Consistent  & good pass percentage.


  • Poor communication skill in both verbal and non-verbal among students.

  • Limited Job-opportunities.

  • Deteriorating students’ strength in the course.

  •  Limited scope to introduce various combinations

  • The socio-economic background of many of the students

  • Most of the students are of first generation


  • To train and counsel students to become more employable.

  • Communication and other life skill development programs for students

  • Improving enrolment

  • Improving the optimum usage of ICT in teaching learning

  • Exploring the starting of new Job-oriented courses


  • Attracting good students because of more colleges in the town.

  • Reducing drop-out rate due to early marriages of girl students and financial difficulties.

  • Accepting, adapting and updating the technologies – Teaching and learning

  • Sustaining quality along with access

  • More placements

  • Generation of resources for research facilities in the department

Future Plans

  • To introduce more no. of experiential learning activities to develop analytical skills and promote creativity among the students.

  • To conduct life skill development programmes regularly.

  • To improve the employability of students.

  • To start PG Programmes.

  • To start multidisciplinary job oriented courses

  • To conduct a national seminar

  • To establish Research Centre in the department