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DEPARTMENT OF Mathematics PROFILE Established : 1983


Since mathematics plays such a key role in the physical, biological, and social sciences, the Calculus courses are useful to students who plan careers in these areas. The Department of Mathematical Sciences has been participating in teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level in a diverse range of mathematical topics for BSc & MSc students. The Department of Mathematics currently offers 3 year Bachelors in Mathematics program & followed CBCS system.

The core courses taught during three years of BSc program in first five semesters are: 1. Differential Equations, 2. Solid Geometry, 3. Abstract Algebra, 4. Real Analysis, 5. Ring Theory & Vector Calculus, 6 Linear Algebra. For 6th semester open Electives: (any one)Laplace Transforms; Numerical Analysis; Number Theory and Cluster Electives: Integral Transforms, Advanced Numerical Analysis & Project work or Principles of Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics & Project work or Graph Theory, Applied Graph Theory & Project work.

Program Outcomes

  1.  Apply a broad range of core mathematical knowledge and techniques, including advanced calculus, linear algebra, geometry, differential equations, probability and statistics.
  2. Apply scientific experiments and research methods to continuously build on existing knowledge with modern and innovative ideas.
  3. Utilize mathematical knowledge and IT skills to design, implement and enhance computer programs.
  4. Function on multidisciplinary teams.
  5. Analyze statistical data to identify and solve applied scientific problems
  6. Understand professional and ethical responsibility
  7. Communicate mathematical knowledge directly and indirectly with precision, clarity and organization.
  8. Formulate mathematical models to solve real-life problems in a contemporary global and societal context.
  9. Utilize modern techniques and skills obtained to achieve pre-determined goals and improve overall performance in a professional set up.​ 

Program Objectives

The Department of Mathematics seeks to provide quality education aimed at preparing high caliber professionals capable of achieving success and contributing to the development of the country in line with an ever-changing world. The mathematics program is designed to achieve the following Program objectives:

  1. Provide students with definitions of fundamental concepts and the major theorems of the core areas of undergraduate Mathematics.
  2. Develop students’ ability to construct mathematical proofs.
  3. Train the students to analyze and interpret statistical data related to real-life problems.
  4. Train students to formulate and evaluate the feasibility of a problem solving strategy.
  5. Develop students’ ability to communicate mathematical/statistical results in written and oral forms.
  6. Train students to design and implement algorithms for solving real-life problems.


Our mission is to welcome all students into the study of mathematics, support them through their classes, and show them how mathematics is not only beautiful but also useful and powerful.


We envision a world in which all people embrace the beauty of mathematics, utilize their ability to help us understand the world, and harness their power to promote human flourishing.


We value hard work and determination to overcome challenges, inquisitiveness to foster learning, creativity to consider new ideas, cooperation to work with others and to help them excel, diversity to respect the opinions and backgrounds of others, and community to support one another.

Outside the classroom

In addition to regular coursework, students can enhance their mathematical experience in many other ways. Students may also participate in seminars, independent study, or problem-solving groups. The department also employs/encourages students as tutors, lab assistants, teaching assistants, and research assistants.

Programmes Offered


Programme Name




Maths, Physics, Chemistry ( TM)

Maths, Physics, Chemistry (EM)

Maths, Physics, Computer Science (EM)




CBCS system is followed for all UG/PG programmes

Programme wise Student Profile (Current year data)


Teaching posts and Non-Teaching Posts




Teaching posts



Programme wise Student – Teacher ratio


Details of Infrastructural Facilities
  1. Departmental  Library  consists of 117 Books (Reference Books)
  2. Mathematics Journals (2)
  3. Internet facilities for Staff & Students.

SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans



  • Efficient & Experienced  Faculty with  doctoral degree
  • Good infrastructure and well established dept. Library .
  • Consistent good pass percentage.


  • The socio-economic background of many of the students
  • Most of the students are of first generation


  • Improving enrolment
  • Improving the optimum usage of ICT in teaching learning
  • Exploring the starting of new Job-oriented courses



  • Sustaining quality along with access
  • More placements
  • Generation of resources  for research facilities in the department

Future Plans

  • To start multidisciplinary job oriented courses
  • To a conduct a national seminar
  • To establish Research  Centre in the department