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Water Quality Analysis



1. Title of the Practice: Water Quality Analysis
2. Objective of the Practice:
The objectives of the said activity/practice are
  • To encourage the students to participate in the group activities so that they would learn to deal or interact with their surrounding people effectively and get their work done.
  • To inculcate the habit of research so that more students would be attracted towards research there by laying foundation for the development of the country.
  • To bring awareness among the students about their social responsibilities and to encourage the students to actively participate in social service activities
3. The Context:
           Quality water is quite essential for the healthy society. Hence, the students are asked to analyse  water for its quality and encouraged to educate the public   about quality parameters of water and ill effects of consuming impure water as a part of social responsibility/ social service. This activity is being organised by Department of Chemistry. Students are encouraged to utilise the facilities and instruments available in the Chemistry laboratories for the analysis of water samples brought selectively from various villages/towns.  Sometimes, students are encouraged to take help from surrounding Mineral water Plants for the analysis of water
4. The Practice:
  Step 1: Display of Schedule
  • Students (III BSc ) were divided in to four groups. The lists of students in all  groups were displayed on the notice board
  • The details of villages/municipalities for water sample collection, schedule of the programme were displayed. Puttur municipality was chosen for the analysis.
  • Dates for analysis in the chemistry lab and dates of visiting mineral water plant were also displayed
  • Students were advised to note down the details

        Step 2: Work done by students

  • On 30.11.2019, visited various parts of Puttur town for collecting water samples.  Collected water samples from GDC, Puttur (bore water), NGO Colony(bore water), Bus stand area  (bore water), Gate Puttur (bore water), Municipal water collected from tap.
  • Students were given demonstration to use the instrument Deep-vision Digital water and soil analysis kit model-161 using which TDS, total hardness and pH can be measured
  • Students were given demonstration to do chemical analysis for nitrates and sulphates
  • Each group analysed water sample from one area using the kit and chemical methods and collected the data
  • Students also visited library and used internet for the optimum levels of these parameters and drew conclusions on the quality of water of various areas of Puttur town
  • As a part of this analysis, to get better idea on the analysis process, students also visited ‘SWARNA WATER PLANT’ located in the town on 23.12.2018

        Step 3: Motivation

  • Students were motivated in the following way. They were explained about the ill effects of consuming impure water. They were given details about the types of diseases people are prone to get by using impure water and annual death cases in India and in the entire world. Hence, water quality analysis is a very important task to be done for saving health and lives of the public.
5. Evidence of Success: 
  • Students enthusiastically participated in the entire analysis process indicating that they were truly inspired by the objectives of the process
  • Students developed the concept of cooperative learning i.e. learning from one another among themselves
  • Students reported the analysis results accurately by performing analysis on their own
  • Students enlightened the public regarding the quality of water they are consuming and plausible ill effects
 6. Problems encountered and Resources required:
  • Few students encountered the difficulties in handling the instruments, later adjusted themselves
  • Some students faced difficulties in finding the data related to water analysis from internet  indicating that they are not used to handling computers and browsing process
  • Reference books, few systems with net facility
  • Instruments and chemicals for analysis