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Youth Red Cross (YRC) - Overview

              The Red Cross Society is a worldwide, well known, universally accepted, admired and internationally identified humanitarian service organisation. It is the biggest, independent non-religious, non-political, non-sectarian and voluntary relief organisation treating people equally all over the world without any discrimination as to their nationality race and religious beliefs. It was established in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Father of Red Cross movement and recipient of noble award for peace in 1901 was “Jean Henry Dunant”, who was a successful businessman. 
          “I, [SAY NAME], a member of the Indian Junior/Youth Red Cross, pledge to serve in the promotion of health, the relief of suffering, and in the building a culture of peace without any form of discrimination, and to hold in friendship the boys and girls of all nations. I also pledge to uphold the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross; humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, unity, universality, voluntary service.”
Youth Red Cross  Principles
  • Protection of Health & Life
  • Service to the Sick & Suffering
  • Promotion of National & International Friendship, to develop the mental and moral   capacities of the youth
Main Objectives of Youth Red Cross
  • To inculcate in the Youth of our country.
  • Awareness on the care of their own health and that of others.
  • The understanding and acceptance of civic responsibilities and acting accordingly with humanitarian concern, to fulfill the same.
  • To enable the growth and development of a spirit of service and sense of duty with dedication and devotion in the minds of youth.
  • To foster better friendly relationship with all without any discrimination.

          The mission of the Indian Red Cross is to inspire, encourage and initiate at all times all forms of humanitarian activities so that human sufferings can be minimized and even prevented and this contribute to create climate for peace.

YRC Committee


S.No Name  Designation Position in YRC Committee
1. Dr. G.Swathi  Assistant Professor of Zoology Convener
2. Dr. A. Sujala Swapna Smitha Associate Professor of Physics Member
3. Dr.M. Reddi Naik Assistant Professor of Commerce Member
4. Dr. G. Tirumalaih  Assistant Professor Commerce Member



          No hard and fast rules are laid down regarding Youth Red Cross activities. The programme should be adopted to the particular needs of the unit under Programme Officer’s guidance. Youth should be encouraged to manage their own affairs and choose their own activities. Their programme should as far as possible include something under each of the following heads:

  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Road Safety Campaigns
  • Tree Plantation
  • Campus Cleaning
  • AIDS Awareness Programme & Rally